The LBD and wedding planning

Good morning!
My wedding planning is now happening 24 hours a day haha I even plan stuff in my dreams! But we are getting there. Quite a few things checked off the list already.
And even more stuff waiting to be checked off πŸ˜›
The trickiest parts I’m dealing with now is finding an officiate and outfits for everyone to wear. Found my dress already and will order it as soon as possible. But what I have in mind for my bridesmaids is very hard to find. Guessing its just the wrong season, need to look closer to summer. The same goes for the groom and groomsmen’s outfits. Wrong season. Cant wait for the shops to get their summer stuff in. And to find someone to officiate at the wedding is a lot harder than I thought. But I’m gonna keep on looking…

You guys were so sweet and seemed to like the LBD outfit I posted from my trip to Barcelona. So here is another way of wearing the same dress πŸ™‚



Wearing: Boots from I love shoes (YDE), LBD from, bag from Jimmy Choo.


9 thoughts on “The LBD and wedding planning

  1. Love the combat boots you wore with the dress!! it adds some great edge. also, have fun with the wedding planning!! ❀


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